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Potato Omelet

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The potato omelet, or Tortilla Espanola, is a delicious main dish for a breakfast or brunch meal. Omelets are mainly served for morning meals but they can also be used as a fun dinner option. This is originally Spanish in origin, many varieties of this traditional Spanish dish are popularly served in Mexican cultures as well. Recipes from both areas call for a lively mix of ingredients, and are sure to make this dish a favorite in your home.

The most basic Spanish recipe only calls for four ingredients: potatoes, olive oil, salt and eggs and resembles a thick pancake and is eaten hot or cold. Potato omelet’s can be combined with other ingredients while cooking or they can be used as the bread, or tortilla, for other food. The omelets are typically pan fried with olive oil. Ingredients that are typically added while cooking are: white or yellow onions, green onions (chives), green peppers, chorizo, ham, and tomatoes.

Mexican version uses many of the same ingredients, two of the most common ingredients that differentiate Mexican omelets are: spicy peppers and shredded cheese. Jalapenos are often featured in these recipes. Monterey jack or pepper jack cheeses are two popular shredded cheese options.

Potato omelet recipes have been Americanized by adding bacon or chili to the recipe. Whatever the mix of ingredients, or level of spiciness, you are sure to find the recipe that is right for you.

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