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Mashed Potato Rolls Recipe

This recipe is very easy to make and it is great for holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving. These are some of the best potato rolls / yeast rolls you will ever taste. This is a great meal for any occasion as the super filling rolls will satisfy the stomachs of your friends and family. Mashed potato rolls are not something people eat on a regular basis and can be a big attention grabber. One of the convenient things about this recipe is you can use your left over mashed potatoes that would otherwise get tossed out. Impress your dinner guests with some tasty mashed potato rolls and you can bet they will be coming back for more. (more…)

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Mashed Potato Soup Recipe

This potato soup recipe is extremely easy to make. It is so easy to make in fact that you can even use a blender or a food processor to do most of the work. Almost all of the ingredients are common items that most cooks already have in their kitchens and the culinary skills needed to make this soup are success are minimal. If you can flip a switch on a blender and stir a pot of potatoes then you can make this soup! This recipe is very unique because it allows you to take left over mashed potatoes and re purpose them into delicious potato soup. Throw in in a few special ingredients and you have a new favorite dish for your family. In fact, this dish is already a family favorite among many families in the south and it is growing increasingly popular as a comfort food item in colder northern states. (more…)

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Mashed Potato Yeast Bread Recipe

This recipe for mashed potato yeast bread takes one of America’s favorite dishes, mashed potatoes, and turns it into a wonderful loaf of bread that can be enjoyed for days. The recipe is probably suited more to intermediate or advanced-level chefs, and is different from other types of bread recipes, even regular potato bread, because it includes underlying hints of sweetness from lemon and nutmeg. This recipe for mashed potato yeast bread is baked in the oven, but can also be made using a bread machine. (more…)

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Leftover Mashed Potatoes with Baked Eggs and Bacon

This recipe for Leftover Mashed Potatoes with Baked Eggs and Baon requires a skill level of beginner to make. It might sound strange to you at first. But don’t judge a book because of it’s cover. Most families make it after the Thanksgiving Dinner with their left over mashed potatoes. You can also used baked potatoes, just reheat and mash them up. As a twist on a Polish tradition, combining eggs with mashed potatoes, which combines these with creaem. If you are wanting to start a new family tradition for the breakfast meal after Thanksgiving, this is one you will want to try. It is sure to become a family favorite in your house. It is also a great take and bake meal. Just heat it up and take it to any party or gathering you are going to. (more…)

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Shepherd’s Pie Recipe

Shepherd’s pie is also known as cottage pie and can be made with ground beef or turkey, although lamb is the traditional meat used. In Canada, it is referred to as shepherd’s pie regardless of the type of meat. It has traditionally been a recipe made from leftovers, so it is a terrific dish to serve when you need a simple solution for using leftovers when you have guests staying over for the weekend. They will be just as impressed with your cooking the next day as they were the night before! Besides meat, the other key ingredient is potatoes and in this pie recipe, leftover mashed potatoes are used. (more…)

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Easy Leftover Mashed Potato Croquettes Recipe

The Leftover Mashed Potato Croquettes Recipe was a recipe that has evolved out of a need to do something different with all those leftovers at the holidays, as warmed-up mashed potatoes never taste as good as the original did. Many see it as a comfort food and goes well with any meat dish such as ham, roast beef or turkey. This recipe is easy and best suited to homemade Idaho mashed potatoes as opposed to instant and also works better when you didn’t put too much milk and butter in the original, so it will hold its shape better. (more…)

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Cheese and Mashed Potato Pie Recipe

Mashed potatoes are a favorite side dish that compliments numerous main course items. But what can you do when you have leftovers?  A cheese and mashed potato pie is a great way to use them. It can be made as a side dish to many meals. And it is totally simple to make. Mashed potato pie is also a very versatile recipe. (more…)

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