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Potato Casserole

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Potatoes: we all love them and they come in so many different colors, textures and flavors that sometimes it’s difficult to narrow down just which one we like the best! When cold weather hits, we think about comfort foods like potatoes. A little imagination can provide a tasty and satisfying main dish in the form of a potato casserole or a side dish such as hashed brown potatoes. When warm weather hits, we think of picnics and potato salad.

One of the best things about potatoes is their versatility. Potatoes can be diced with vegetables and meat and used as a filling for shepherd’s pie, and/or as the mashed potato topping. Potatoes can be layered with cheeses and onions to make scalloped potatoes as an accompaniment to a ham, pork roast or fried chicken dinner. Add diced ham to the scalloped potatoes and serve as a main dish.

The equally versatile sweet potato can be julienned and baked or sautéed with an assortment of vegetables to provide a tasty and nutritious side dish. Sweet potatoes can be mashed with butter and a touch of spices for a filling accompaniment to ham, pork or chicken.

Last but not least in their versatility, potatoes can be made to fit any diet and/or budgetary restrictions you have, and casserole recipes are readily available online. A potato dish can be extremely satisfying in a low calorie version as well as one loaded with fat and calories. No special skills or training are needed to cook potatoes. If you can boil water, you can make a potato casserole!

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