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Potato Dumplings

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Potato dumpling recipes will vary greatly from one another, depending on the country where the recipe originated. For instance:

German dumplings are made from a riced potato mixture that is formed into balls and gently boiled. The additions to the mixture change from one region of Germany to the next and, indeed, from one household to the next.

Gnocchi, the Italian version of potato dumplings, are little lumps of riced potato mixed with only enough flour to hold the potatoes together. The German dumplings are traditionally served with roast and gravy while the Italian ones are served with a myriad of sauces.

In contrast to Germany and Italy version, the dumplings of Polish, Russian and Ukrainian origin are made from a mashed potato filling contained inside a flour-based dough. Known as Polish pierogi, Ukrainian varenyky or Russian pelmeni the mashed potato is mixed with a variety of complimentary ingredients including cheese, onion or bacon. They are served either boiled or fried, and most often with a large amount of sour cream.

When a person is searching for a different way to serve potatoes, any potato dumpling recipe is sure to provide endless variations in taste and texture.

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