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Potato Pie

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How many times have we started dinner with what’s on hand, only to realize that we had nothing for to serve for dessert? And everyone wants dessert! If you have potatoes, you have dessert.

Leftover mashed potatoes can be combined with cream, sugar and spices to form a pie, almost like a custard pie. Add cheese, bacon, onions and garlic to mashed potatoes for a simple but very filling main dish, or serve with eggs for brunch.

Cottage pie, or shepherd’s pie, is an economical way to feed a family, yet it’s tasty and satisfying. Cottage pie or shepherd’s pie can be made with russets or sweet potatoes, depending on your family’s preference.

Of course, an all-time Thanksgiving favorite is sweet potato pie, which is especially delicious when maple syrup is used as part of the sweetener. This already scrumptious dessert can be made downright sinful with the addition of a maple pecan topping or a cream cheese base. For a warm weather dessert, make sweet potatoes into chiffon pie by blending them with whipped cream or whipped topping.

Potato pies, whether as a main dish or a dessert, can be made either in a healthy, reduced fat and calorie version, or as one to blow your entire week’s allotment of calories. One of the best things about potato pies is that they require no special cooking skills or training to prepare. Potato pie recipes are readily available online for any type of potato pie that you can think of, or dream up your own.

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