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Potato Souffle

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Soufflés are as appetizing as the name implies. French for “puffed up,” the word soufflé was first included in the 1742 French recipe book, “Le Cuisinier.” It was considered standard fare in the 1845 English recipe book, “Modern Cookery.” By the 20th century, Julia Child and the “French Chef” television show brought it to housewives demystifying the basic techniques required to create a scrumptious “puffed-up” soufflé.

With a reputation of extreme difficulty, the truth about the soufflé is patience. The substance of the recipe is mixed with the egg yolks. The secret is to mix the dark yellow yolks until they turn to a light yellow color, then add the vegetable ingredients. In a separate bowl, the egg whites are whipped until the white peaks stand to a point. Combining the two portions by folding them together creates the proper batter consistency. Once prepared, the mixture is spooned into the prepared ramekin or soufflé dish.

Once the dish is placed the oven, the heat allows the blend to rise. It’s a matter of minutes before the mouth-watering dish is ready.

Soufflé recipes originate from different ethnic and geographical locales. Depending on the seasonal ingredients, they can be prepared as a healthy entrée or delectable dessert. A spring savory is potato soufflé. Sweet potato version is traditionally prepared as a late-autumn dish in the Southern US. Typically, pecans are a mid-October harvest and make a nutty flavorful soufflé.

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