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Potato Cake

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As with many recipes for potatoes, potato cake recipes can give you a main dish, a side dish, or a dessert. They are often combined with flour, eggs and a small amount of cream, and then fried in butter as a delicious but high-calorie accompaniment to a meal. Either white or sweet potatoes can be used, and the addition of some Cajun seasonings such as cayenne can give your meal a taste of New Orleans.

A shredded or mashed potato can be combined with other vegetables, such as corn or creamed corn, to make really tasty cakes. Serve them with sausages or ham for a German or country style dinner.

Chocolate cakes also have mashed potatoes as their ingredient, they give them a wonderful, dense moist texture. A sweet potato can be used in a white chocolate or spice cake recipe with the same results.

Peanut butter chocolate potato cake is also another perennial favorite and especially appealing to the younger set, although most of them don’t need to be convinced to eat cake.

The use of potatoes in cake recipes is a good way to add richness to a cake, yet reduce the fats and calories that come from butter and/or sour cream. Some of the best recipes can be found here below:

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