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Potato Patties

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Potato patties are an easy dish that often accompanies other foods. Various types of potatoes produce different tastes you can also add vegetables and spices to make the ma bit special. Unlike potato pancakes, they are generally made of precooked, mashed potato so they bind easily with other ingredients.

Sometimes potato dishes get a bad rap when it comes to eating healthy. Diced greens such as spinach, chard, or kale can boost vegetable content when cooked and added to potato patty mixtures. Sour cream that is low or no fat tastes good with them, but spreading on salsa gives a bigger nutritional boost.

Conventional white potatoes aren’t the only vegetables to use for this recipe. Sweet potatoes or yams are also used they are cooked or roasted before mashing, and skins are removed. Pie spices can be added for dessert like potato patties. Ham and pineapple blend well with sweet potato, and can be served hot or cold for a convenient snack. Brown rice and wheat flour provide a healthy vegetarian version, and can also be used when watching glycemic index.

Creations worldwide often use leftovers providing a basis for combinations common to their territory. No fancy equipment is needed. Just a pan for frying them on a stove top or pan for oven baking.

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