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Potato Rolls

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Looking for a good dinner roll recipe? Potato rolls are an excellent side dish option for any type of traditional meal since they taste slightly sweet, buttery and very light. These dinner rolls are also good when paired with the heartier fare of winter months. For example, potato rolls go well with anything from chili to Thanksgiving Dinner.

Several varieties of potato roll recipes can be found on the web. Recipes typically call for either yeast or flour, resulting in a slightly different roll. Yeast is a little more difficult to work with; inexperienced cooks may want to stick with flour based recipes. No special equipment is needed for making them but it is important that you have something to bake them in. Baking them in a different/wrong type of dish will result in rolls that are not fluffy or are overcooked.

Any type of potato can be used if it is mashed or riced. Try sweet potatoes or red potatoes for an alternative to the traditional roll. Additional ingredients can be added to enhance the flavor of the roll. Some of the ingredients are finally chopped chives, bacon bits, sour cream, or a crispy cheesy topping.

You can even be creative in how the rolls are served by making a special butter or topping for the rolls. Two ideas are making a whipped honey butter spread or a savory veggie and herbs spread, but the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Dinner rolls typically are not the healthiest of food options. This can be controlled a little by using a butter substitute and low fat milk. A note of caution, substituting ingredients will impact how rich and fluffy they are.

Let the humble dinner roll take center stage at your next meal:

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