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Potato Chip

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Few accidents have had better results than Native American George Crum’s surprising creation of potato chips. When an order of fried potatoes was sent back by an obnoxious customer for being too thick, a disgruntled Crum cooked a batch of potatoes that were sliced so thin that when cooked they were to crispy to be pierced by a fork. The dish was a hit and thanks to Crum’s accidental genius, people all over the world can enjoy crispy potato chips.

Although most people have sampled a bag of commercial potato chips from the store, few have tried to create them at home. The task seems daunting, but like most potato recipes it is really isn’t difficult. The hardest part will be slicing the potatoes almost paper thin.

Like most fried foods, chips can be high in calories. For a healthier yet equally delicious variation, try baking them. The process is essentially the same except that the potatoes are baked in an oven rather than fried in oil.

Once you get the hang of making them fried or baked, you can try experimenting with different herbs or spices to create various flavors like those you would buy at a store. With the numerous variations provided in potato chip recipes, there is sure to be something to suit everyone’s taste.

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