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Scalloped Potatoes

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Meat and potatoes serve as the meal planning foundation for the majority of Americans and with an average of 126 pounds of the hearty spuds consumed annually, is it any wonder? Many European cuisines also feature this rooted vegetable that is said to be the fourth most important crop of food in the entire world! It may come as no surprise that the first vegetable to be grown out of this world in outer space was none other than the potato. With deep roots in Western cooking and dating back to the mid 16th century when consumed by the Incas, potatoes come in a nice variety and prove very versatile in their nearly limitless means of preparation. One potato speciality is scalloped potatoes.

Not to be confused with potatoes au gratin, which is common, scalloped potatoes are simply thinly sliced potatoes baked in a dish layered with a milk product (such as cream) and seasoning. The addition of cheese in this list of ingredients is where the dish becomes au gratin translated as “with cheese.” Since cheese is not an ingredient of scalloped potatoes, but is often added, perhaps this is where the confusion between potatoes au gratin and scalloped potatoes begins. It is possible to bake scalloped potatoes au gratin, which would be a dish of scalloped potatoes topped with cheese. It is the milk component that creates the “scalloped” in scalloped potatoes. Commonly eaten as a side dish, scalloped potatoes can include potato recipes with ham or sausage to create a main dish meal.

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